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Battery Alarm For PC Freeware

Battery Alarm For PC Freeware
- Because the file Sound (Voice) should be formatted. Wav then need to download codec Packnya first so that his voice can be played. You can find K-Lite Mega Codec Pack 840 or the like. K-Lite Codec Pack is practically very complete, from the File Audio Video is available to all. In search on Google first, yes, I have not had time to upload due to anymore ya busy.

Often times when we're Charge Notebook/Netbook/Laptop is Full (100%) has not been canceled because there is no notification (Notification) Battery is full. This software can answer all of them. Download Software Battery Alarm For PCFreeware can make a notification baloon, as well as sound when the battery is charged up to 100% and the Sound when the Battery remaining 5% (can be set according to the User). Freeware and software included in the release on June 21, 2009 and in Update on June 22, 2009

The Battery Alarm application was designed to be a program That will monitor your battery life and alert you when you are getting low on power. All settings are customizable so it will notify you when you want and how Often you want to be notifed.

Features Battery Alarm For PC Freeware :

When clicking Play in the settings dialog, the 'Tooltip Balloon' displayed and should not have.
A Stop button was added incase you have a long running wav file
When the power is plugged in while the alarm is playing - the alarm will shut off.
You can now click the ballon / popup to turn off the alarm if its playing. You can also open the window and click the stop button.
A full battery will no longer play the alarm - just the balloon will be displayed.
User settings did not save if you closed the program by restarting your PC. This will now save much more reliably and additionally the information is not saved to the configuration file. It is now saved to your user-specific private data location (hidden) on Vista Because you are not suppose to update any files That are outside your Documents folder.
A setup program was created.
A Donate button was added incase anyone wants to make a donation.

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