Monday, 4 June 2012

vReveal Premium v.

vReveal Premium v.
-Using the Nvidia Cuda technology to realize the power of parallel computing on the GPU, vReveal quickly eliminates jitter, darkness, noise and blurring in consumer video. There is also a function 2xResolution, which aims to improve the resolution of video, but only if the original does not exceed 288 pixels vertically. The program is able to clean the noise, shaking to remove, to enlighten, enhance contrast, to increase the saturation.

vReveal Premium v. software product designed to remove stress from the eyes of amateur video that can not always be viewed in the qualitative form. The program does not require a lot of experience and user skills. Treatment of poor-quality videos in vReveal is automatic according to preliminary user settings, which suggests to introduce, by the way, the programitself. With vReveal can achieve good quality, even the "bad" videos downloadedfrom the network interference, or DVD drives with pirated recording.

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